Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Two Years of Ingrid

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Ingrid!

Happy Birthday Ingrid! Yesterday was Ingrid's second birthday, and we had a fun time celebrating!

We actually opened presents on Friday evening, because Daddy came home early from work and we knew that Saturday would be very busy. Ingrid got lots of lovely presents, including a kickball, wagon, and bucket for outside, a "Baby Alive" doll and Sven the reindeer (from Frozen) stuffed animal, and a new outfit and new pajamas with matching PJs for her baby doll.

Elijah and Kirsa were very patient about helping her open presents, watching, and enjoying the process.

On her birthday itself, the kids went to swimming lessons in the morning with Daddy. After naps, our friends Ryan and Jen came to visit with their kiddos, Alexie, Brendan, and Cadence. The kids line up pretty closely in age and had a great time playing together outside and later doing Mario Kart inside.

Then we went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant and had delicious food. The staff brought out a plate of sopapillas with a lit candle and sang Happy Birthday to Ingrid in both Spanish and English. Ingrid thought this was pretty awesome, especially the whipped cream which she pawed off the plate happily. She was a little unsure about the sombrero.

Since Ingrid is now two, it's time for another update on how she is doing and what she is up to these days!

Eating: She has become a pretty good eater! She eats much more these days than she did six months ago. She will try most new foods now, and generally clean her plate if she wants dessert. She does still often stick to the typical toddler "one full meal a day" approach though. She doesn't seem to have any particular favorite foods yet... except dessert, which she loves!

We also made the switch from bottles to sippies about a month ago. It was relatively painless, and she now drinks milk 3 times a day from a sippy, but still with me in the rocking chair - first thing in the morning, before naptime, and before bed. She totals about 16oz of milk a day I think.

Sleeping: This has been improving too. She takes one nap a day that can range from 45 minutes (or skipped, but very rarely) to 3 hours. Typically though it is 1.5 to 2.5 hours long. She almost never cries for her nap, and usually falls asleep within 20 minutes of going down (often within 5 minutes). When she wakes, she usually waits quietly until the end of naptime, unless the nap was only 45 minutes long and then she will be fussy sometimes.

At night, she is still usually going to bed at 6pm, unless it is a special night and we are out later. She seems to still take a while to fall asleep, even on nights that we are out later, although I am contemplating trying to move her bedtime a bit later on normal nights soon. She typically falls asleep between 7 and 7:30pm, and usually doesn't do any crying. She does still cry out once in the night almost every night, no matter what happened in the day, how her bedtime was, etc. The time can vary from 8pm to 3am. However she usually sleeps well otherwise and wakes for the day between 6:20 and 7:00 in the morning. She almost always waits quietly for me now to get her up for the day.


6-7:00 * awake
7:00 * out of crib, milk, rinse off, dress, breakfast
playtime, inside and outside
8:30 small snack
20-45 minutes of roomtime if she's crabby
11:15 lunch
11:45-12 milk and down for nap
2:30 up from nap, snack
playtime, outside and then inside
5:00 dinner
bath, pajamas, stories, milk, brush teeth
6:00 bed

Skills: Ingrid walks, runs, jumps a little bit, and is catching up all over on her gross motor these days! She does still have physical therapy at the house once a week. We've also been doing gymnastics and swimming lessons, and of course she has preschool once a week. She loves to write and draw. Her language has totally taken off and she uses lots of full sentences and good vocabulary words to talk to us.

Her eyes are very clearly green. Her hair is very fine and a reddish-blonde color. She is still pretty sensitive to anything that's "boddering" her, from tags on her clothes to a small owie or whatever. She's very dramatic when she's even slightly annoyed. She is cuddly when she's in the mood to cuddle but this is not terribly often. She LOVES to dance and sing, especially to songs from the movie Frozen. She is starting to keep up with Elijah and Kirsa outside.

Elijah is very kind and gentle with her, and rarely annoyed by her. Kirsa is annoyed by Ingrid far more often, and they have more battles over toys, usually due to misunderstandings rather than true malicious intent on anyone's part. Whenever Kirsa gets hurt or cries, Ingrid comes running to put her arms around Kirsa and kiss her until she's done crying. Ingrid is sweet and gentle and very mothering with her baby dolls and stuffed animals.

We will not have her two year checkup for over another month, but I can report then on how she's growing. Overall Ingrid is a delightful, beautiful girl, full of tons of personality and fun!

Happy Birthday, sweet, darling, wonderful Ingrid! We love you SO much!!

Friends and Fun

Kirsa made a cute penguin craft at preschool this week, and at home has been drawing pictures of "a princess with her kitties" (hundreds of pictures very similar to this one)! This week our neighbor's granddaughter Zoie came over to play again - we had missed her over winter break and the kids were all very glad to see her again!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

This Week in Pictures

This week has been a normal January week. Elijah is still enjoying his new Kindle Fire tablet that he got for Christmas. We loaded it up with free apps and then disconnected it from the internet, so no spammy webpages can pop up and he can't accidentally (or purposely) make any purchases. He is SO happy with it, and every time his homework is finished, he asks for play it for a bit before dinner. He likes for his sisters to watch him play too, and they obligingly sit there with him while he plays.

The girls were busy in preschool. Ingrid's class listened to "The Snowy Day" and we did a craft; Kirsa's teacher read "The Mitten" and they did a craft too. Kirsa is also learning to write her name!! Six months ago, we were just working on moving the pencil to make straight lines and circles, so I'm pretty impressed with her progress.

We had pudding for dessert this week. Small amounts of pudding, I promise. Somehow toddlers turn small puddings into large messes. When Chris pulled this bib over her head after, her hair stuck straight up in a chocolate-styled mohawk.

And finally, our wonderful friends Andre and Roxanne flew into town with their kids, and stayed overnight with us before taking off for their week-long ski vacation. It was So Much Fun to hang out with them for a day! Sofia is about Kirsa's age and Ian is about Ingrid's age, and the kids all had an amazing time playing together (especially in our extraordinarily muddy backyard). Then they all went to bed early and the adults had fun hanging out together!

Next weekend, Ingrid will turn two! A pile of presents is already collecting in the family room for her!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Field Trip!

This week, Elijah's class took a field trip to the Mint, to watch money being made, and to the Botanic gardens. He was so happy to be put in a group with two of his best friends, Forest and Aaron. He said it was a really fun day! The adult leader of his group, who sent me this pic, said he was very good and the "Three Amigos" had a lot of fun. :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Thirty Three

Yesterday was my birthday! Aside from Ingrid tossing all her blankets out of her crib and fussing through her naptime, it was a delightful day. We had church in the morning and I spent the afternoon getting the house completely clean, while Chris helped with the cleaning and the kids. We had chili and cornbread for dinner, chocolate cherry cake with whipped cream for dessert, and a delightful stack of presents in the evening. It was a wonderful birthday; and now, this morning, I am fully thirty-three years old and the house is clean, Chris and Elijah are off and work and school, and the new year has really begun!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!

We celebrated the new year pretty much the same way we always do - stayed at home, played with Christmas gifts, and enjoyed the snow!

We are looking forward to an exciting year for our family: Elijah will finish first grade in the spring, and Kirsa will finish her first year of preschool. We will move to South Dakota and Chris will start his new job. Presumably we'll also move into a wonderful new home, with new bedrooms and a new backyard and a new neighborhood to explore! We are really looking forward to all that 2015 will bring us!

For the first day of the year, however, we are just enjoying some relaxing family time at home. We're not even eating a fancy celebratory dinner tonight, just spaghetti.

Welcome 2015!